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The Glazing Sun

October Homeschool Color Theory Art Class

October Homeschool Color Theory Art Class

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My shop is a pottery painting studio but I have a lot of art experience and have always wanted to be an art teacher. We will do different projects every month - catering to different age groups.

All kids receive an “I am an Artist!” sticker when they come to homeschool art class!

This class is all about texture! Using lots of different techniques to create patterns and textures

4-6 year olds - We will be using different utensils to make patterns and texture on a ceramic pumpkin! Using plastic utensils, sponges, our fingers, toothbrushes, combs, and more! No paint brushes in this class :)

7-9 years old- The kids will be sponging paint onto their ceramic pumpkin using a few different colors and when that dries we will be painting a layer of black paint over top. Then using different utensils to scratch away the black paint to reveal the colors underneath!

10-13 years old- A very cool way to apply pottery paint is mixing it with soap and it looks like bubbles! We will be doing that on a ceramic pumpkin then once that dries making drippy paint go down the edges of the pumpkin. 


The pottery pieces get fired in the kiln so they will have to be picked back up about a week later when they are ready!


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