My store is open! Hoping to restock the online shop soon


How do I care for my Pottery?

Dishwasher - yes but your pottery will last even longer if you hand wash and I recommend that

Microwave - yes, gets a little hot.

Oven - NOOOOOO please don’t put in the oven unless you want it to explode

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! It depends on how busy I am but normally if you contact me I will take your custom order.

Where can I purchase your Pottery?

Here on my website whenever I do shop updates, those are announced at the top of my website, homepage, and on my Instagram!

My pottery can also be purchased in select stores, you can see those locations here.


How do your Shop Updates work?

I announce a certain date and time that my shop will be restocked and what is available is what’s available! I preview what will be on the update in the online store and on my social media. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

If you feel like the piece you purchased is not what you received, if it is damaged, or has imperfections please reach out and we can discuss options. I never want anyone to be dissatisfied with their Glazing Sun purchase.  

Can I sell your products in my shop?

Absolutely!  Email me at to inqcuire and receive the password to my wholesale shop! Here is the link to my wholesale page. 

What cone do you fire your pieces?

Cone 06

Do you make your pottery?

Nope! My pottery is made from ceramic molds - which gives me soooo many options of pieces to paint and I love that. I paint everything you see, and come up with my own designs, as well as the glaze combinations. I do know how to wheel throw but I enjoy the painting aspect WAY more. I am hoping to offer hand thrown pieces more, now that I have my own studio.