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11/29 7PM Christmas Night Lights

Glazing Party

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  1. Paint a Ceramic Christmas Tree!
  2. FriendsMas Glazing Party
  3. $10 Ornaments 12/10 2:30-4
  4. $10 Ornaments 12/10 12:30-2


  • The mug is absolutely gorgeous, as is all of her pieces! Alana is super kind and responsive to messages. She even fixed my mug for me when I accidentally chipped it! Top notch customer service and quality pieces!! Excited to add more to my collection. 🤍


  • The sweetest mug! Looks amazing in my collection.


  • Alana, I love your work! It’s what inspired me to start sharing my acrylic art on Etsy and social media. And they are beautifully made!


  • super fun packaging!! i love this artist so much!! she is so playful, colorful and awesome.. got some customs from her also.. definitely recommend!! 💗